Kettering Hat

It’s finally out! The long awaited Kettering hat is finally released – only about a month after I said it would be, but the best laid plans, and all of that. I am learning that it ALWAYS takes considerably longer than I intend it to for patterns to make it from the finished prototype to release, so hopefully can better predict this in future. Sorry for the delays, and to those who queued it.  Here are some photos:




I really like this design – it looks great on people, and I love the way the pattern weaves over and under itself. And the top of a top down hat always pleases me with that lovely spiral.

Here’s the link to the Kettering Hat pattern page on Ravelry, for those of you who cannot wait to cast on.  I’m giving a lots of these for the holidays.

Coming soon – Faberge Mittens and Dean Street Mitts.  Pics soon, stayed tuned!


One response to “Kettering Hat

  1. Stuart Tamblin

    Glad to see this named after our hometown!

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