Hello world!

I know.

I was the last person in the world who was going to have a blog. And I almost made it. But then again, I was also the person who was never going to move out of NYC and we all know how that one went. After spending my first 34 years as a New Yorker born and bred I relocated to the beautiful Pioneer Valley in western Massachusetts, and have lived happily ever since (possible because of the proximity of Webs, but that’s another post entirely).

But the thing of it is, it turns out I am good at explaining knitting things, which is why my students are kind enough to attach words like “Knitting Doctor” and “Lace Guru” to my name, and those titles mean way more to me than any letters I ever got after my name from schools, so I take them seriously.

And then there’s the designing thing. Ravelry has given me (and all other designers) the ability to sell our patterns to the public ourselves, rather than through middlemen like magazines or other publishers. But that means that we need a forum to promote them in, to let people know what’s being worked on, and what’s coming out when.

And then there’s the fact that knitting just somehow calls out to be shared. That those of us who share this addiction to fiber and the things we can create with it seem to feel the need to share our projects with others, and to investigate their ideas and creativity. Which means that I am reading other peoples thoughts on their knitting, and am feeling the need to tell them about mine.

So here I am. Barack Obama was elected as out 44th president, to my utter delight, a few days ago, and with him comes, to me at least, and overwhelming feeling of hope renewed. As if we are not only living through an incredibly significant time in history, but as if all new things are possible. So it seemed the time to take the leap. To ignore my previous insistence that I would never have a blog because “who in the world would want to read about my knitting”. A good time to start something new.

So here I am.

I’m glad to be here.


3 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Lace Guru, yup that would be you! Glad to see you in cyberspace. I’m off to add you to my rss feed of blogs. xoxo, Devin (your adoptive knitting daughter)

  2. Welcome to the blogworld! Came over here from “My Merino Mantra” and looking forward to getting to know you and enjoying knitting your patterns. That hat would be a nice “church lady” hat for me on Sundays.

    Best wishes,

    An inveterate blog-reader and lurker

  3. Very well said.

    I am a transplant from the the Pioneer Valley myself and there is much I miss about the area, even though I am only a couple of hours east, it’s a different world.

    I pretty much spent my entire life in Franklin County until moving out here about 23 years ago.

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